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We will always deliver advice without fear nor favour. If we believe you have an issue that provides no opportunity for moving forward rather than seek to draw the matter out will be completely upfront saving you any money that we don’t think you need to spend. If of course you have a dispute that we recognise can move forward then we will proceed accordingly providing the most professional, concise and best advice in order to do so.

Commercial agreements and or disputes

We recognise that many agreements can be complex and difficult for the client to work through. In particular those aspects that lead to issues that are in dispute. Often this is a surprise to the clients and involves many layers of complexity that may not have been contemplated when the agreements were first entered into. It is at this point that we proceed with a review of the agreement, advise of the process and issues involved and then move forward in consultation with the client’s views on whether they wish to do so or not.

Employment negotiations and or disputes

Often employment disputes are not just a matter of financial detriment but often involve a great deal of emotional issues. One of the first keys is to manage a client’s expectations which due to those emotions may not always match their perceived expectations. This involves a frank and honest discussion. On the other hand, we have successfully moved forward to settlement in situations in which clients would prefer to keep the matter within the Administrative system being the Labour Tribunal rather than incur extensive costs by having matters moved to the Court system. We have found this has mostly been to the great satisfaction of our clients. We will discuss the issues involved, the process and that which we believe will best suit their needs both immediately and in the future.

Wills and Estates

This should be a non-negotiable part of your estate planning. The question becomes why spend your working life building your estate only to place doubt on its protection should you pass away without a Will? Often, we are approached not only by those who are seeking to secure their future but also those who due to health issues or age are seeking immediate protection of their assets and their partner’s futures. In particular the ongoing Covid Pandemic this has become an urgent issue for many people. There are also those who are leaving Hong Kong for a variety of reasons and wish to ensure that they’re assets are secure whilst they are not present. Many families have young children and due to Covid are quite rightly concerned that in the event both parents pass away their children may be taken into the care of Social Services rather than the care of another family member or immediate Guardian well known and trusted to the child. We will draft your documents and if urgent provide immediate assistance to you. if you are concerned then please contact us without hesitation.

Powers of Attorney

A client may request a Power Of Attorney for a number of reasons, either they may be out of Hong Kong for a period of time and need someone to look after their affairs whilst away, a specific transaction or a General Power Of Attorney allowing for unlimited power. Discuss with us your needs both short or long term and we can draft a document to suit those needs.

Criminal matters

We have an extensive network of experienced Solicitors and Barristers who are currently practicing with highly respected Chambers and those who have previously worked with some of Hong Kong’s top firms. We will take instructions at first instance and then discuss with them should it be a matter that can be moved forward with. This saves the client money in not having to approach them straight away.

Copyright and Patent protection

Copyright and Patent protection is a complex area of law and can often confuse clients as to whether they have shared or singular patents. Often these issues involve their products being sold overseas and their engineering processes being copied to violate their rights. Many clients think it straight forward, but it involves a forensic approach to the signed agreements and technological processes involved. We will comprehensively discuss these issues with the client and advise on all the necessary requirements moving forward. After an extensive consultation the client will be fully informed as to whether it is a matter, they wish to move forward with.

Immigration matters

Many people are seeking to come and work in the dynamic city of Hong Kong and start a business or those who are seeking to remain beyond their employment contracts but unfortunately without a sponsor. We will extensively go through their issues and describe the process which as one can imagine involves a number of different paths that they can take. This is often an emotional roller coaster experience. We will provide advice and assistance with care and due diligence designed to ease the stress of that journey whilst ensuring an outcome that will ultimately ensure the experience proceeds and concludes to the client’s satisfaction.

Tax advisory

We have an extensive network of accountants, financial planners both in Hong Kong and overseas including the United States.

Referral Service

We have an extensive network of Solicitors, Barristers and Registered Immigration experts in Hong Kong and Internationally; resulting in a high level of satisfaction which has made us a highly sought after and valued service.

Other related fields: an extensive network of Accountants both in Hong Kong and overseas for tax related matters.

All other matters

If you don’t find what you need listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us as it may be a matter that we can also proceed to assist you with.

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